New twist on coffee

New twist on coffee

 (CBS) -  People say butter makes everything taste better, but how would you feel about it in your morning cup of coffee? Believe it or not, this trend is becoming increasingly popular- and not just because of the creamy taste. People who swear by buttered coffee say it actually has many health benefits, including better brain function and weight loss.

Making it is a multi-step process, calling for high-quality beans, freshly ground, brewed, then blended with grass-fed butter and coconut oil.

Buttered coffee drinkers say it keeps them full and energized throughout the day, but some nutritionists aren't so sure about this drink yet.

"I just have a lot more energy, like more of a sense of well-being and i have more cognitive function, like i can just get more done in a day."

"What worries me about a fad is how quickly on fire it can get with the internet and no science to substantiate these claims."

Nutritionist Dr. Liz Applegate says buttered coffee is concerning, considering adding the butter and oil to a cup of coffee will easily put you at 220 extra calories, including 20 grams of saturated fat.

Still, many buttered coffee drinkers say they the drink makes them feel good and they're not giving it up.


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