People using e-cigs to quit smoking the real thing

People using e-cigs to quit smoking the real thing

 TYLER (KYTX) -  The market for e-cigarettes is exploding. But now, research shows people aren't just smoking them for fun. They're using them to quit smoking the real thing.

After 13 years of smoking, Cole Dixon told himself he'd finally had enough.

"I had a constant cough. Every morning i woke up fighting the cough. I just got tired of that."

He started replacing traditional cigarettes with e-cigarettes five months ago and says he's noticed a huge difference in his body.

"Chest has cleared up. I sleep a lot better. That's the one thing i notice. I know that a lot of people might not have a sleeping issue. But, i know that my snoring has pretty much gone away. Just the fact that i can breathe..."

He says quitting has been a gradual process, and he's still working toward a completely smoke-free lifestyle.

"For me, i started out with a higher milligram of nicotine. I've dropped down to 12 and 6 milligrams, which, 6 is the lowest one they offer. And, eventually, it'll get down to nothing."

A growing number of doctors say these products could help end a major health problem. A recent study in the British journal, The Lancet, shows e-cigarettes were slightly more effective in helping people quit smoking than the nicotine patch.

"I attempted to use the patch about four years ago when i tried to quit back then. The patch irritated my skin. It made my skin itch. The habit- the motion wasn't there."

Dixon says not only do e-cigarettes give him the same sensation as real cigarettes, they also taste better.

"It's supposed to be like an orange Gatorade. But, to me, it tastes like pink Starbursts." he says. "I don't stink. I don't smell like an ashtray. It's all pluses."

He says the best part of quitting is all the money he's saved.


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