Where to save and splurge on your beauty dollars

Where to save and splurge on your beauty dollars

TYLER (KYTX) - Keeping our skin looking young and our hair looking good, can get expensive.  It seems like there's always a new product that promises amazing results.

Many women are tempted to buy the latest wrinkle creams that claim to reduce fine lines and new hair products promising to give fine hair volume for days, but who has hundreds of dollars to drop every time something new comes out?  That's why CBS 19 turned to local experts to uncover where to spend your beauty dollars and where to save.

Two beauty junkies under one roof could cost a small fortune.  "It is hard to save money when I am trying to buy makeup, because every time I see something new I want to get it," says Sarah Payne.

But Anne Payne and her daughter Sarah have learned-- "The cheaper the better, but some things I will splurge a little more on."

Anne's cleansing and moisturizing routine hasn't strayed much from some tried and true, affordable favorites. "Neutrogena soap is what I use, it's what my mother used.  It's what Sarah uses now. Oil of Olay is something my mother used," says Anne Payne.

Dr. Jenni Holman is with Dermatology Associates in Tyler.  She says taking care of ourselves, head to toe, really is an important part of our health.  "You've got skin everywhere and it is the barrier to the outside world," says Dr. Jenni Holman.

That's why she suggests treating it with care.  "I bet if you looked in most dermatologists showers and closets you'd find unscented Dove soaps, Cetaphil or CeraVe cleanser," says Dr. Holman.

CeraVe is a favorite of Dr. Holman for both aging and dry skin.  You can get it at drug stores for less than 15 bucks.  "The technology is excellent.  It contains ceramides, which as we age or get drier skin that is what you are missing," says Dr. Holman.

Dr. Holman tells her patients if they're going to do one thing to fight aging begin with a broad spectrum sunscreen like Neutrogena. "And if you are going to do 2 things.  It should be something in the retinoid family like retinol, you can get RoC Retinol or you can get Olay ProX. There are some excellent retinols over the counter," says Dr. Holman.

Holly head is the social editor for BSCENE magazine.  She helps bring out the natural beauty in people, just like you.  She starts with a primer.  "It just glides onto the skin and when you put makeup on, it is not going to settle into those fine lines," says Holly Head, Social Editor BSCENE magazine.  Her go-to's are Mary Kay and Sonia Kashuk.  "It's really affordable. It was under 20 dollars," says Holly.

Whether you're going for a medium or fuller coverage foundation, Holly likes Mary Kay's anti-aging and medium coverage foundation.  They run about $15-20 dollars.  "It is very affordable and it lasts a long time."

For your lips and cheeks, it's about picking the right color.  Holly suggests a neutral coral. And for eyes?  "This is the MAC Paint Pot.  It doubles as a primer and an eye shadow," says Holly. 

Codi Colombe at Style Salon and Day Spa helps bring out the best in her client's hair.  "It's the health of your hair.  The most important part of your hair is the shampoo and conditioner," says Codi Colombe, Style Salon & Day Spa.  Codi uses Pureology. It's sulfate free and costs more, but... "$6 dollars a piece. It's a very good product that's going to give you moisture, all the goodness for your hair at 12 dollars," says Colombe of the smaller Pureology Shampoo bottles. 

She says it doesn't take a lot to make a difference. "You only need a fingernail size for your shampoo," says Codi.

Now, if it's frizzy or curly hair you're trying to tame, Codi has this money saving tip-- grab some coconut or olive oil from your pantry for a deep conditioning treatment.

And, if those gray hairs sneak out before you're ready to splurge at the salon. Codi says their little $10- dollar wands at the salon are a lifesaver.  "They are stretching it (their color) out to 6, 7, 8 weeks now," says Codi.

Anne is teaching Sarah to stretch her beauty dollars, too.  "She gives me allowance and showed me how to spend money right," says Sarah.  More than a lesson in makeup, a lesson for life.

Now if you're trying to avoid sun damage, but want that summer glow.  Dr. Holman suggests trying a gradual tanner.  Jergens has one she likes.  Ladies, she says it's also a great way to mask cellulite.


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