Helping kids fight the flu

We're in the middle of flu season, and this year is slated to be the worst in about a decade. The elderly and children are being hit hardest by the flu.

Dr. Mark McCrady with Trinity Mother Frances said when kids have a fever of 102 that won't go away after a day or so it's time to see a doctor, but warned medications like Tamiflu aren't always necessary. "Most cases of the flu, whether they occur in adults or in children, don't require any treatment. It is a viral infection and the body is going to take care of that infection in the normal ways with the immune system kicking in." 

Dr. McCrady said the best medications for kids are over the counters that help fight fever.

Doctors still encourage any child six months or older to get the flu shot.  It's 60 to 75-percent effective for anyone and there are still plenty of vaccinations in East Texas. The vaccination takes about 10 days to become effective, but it's still the best way to fight the flu.

Besides the vaccination, washing hands, covering coughs, staying out of crowds, and not going to school or work if you're sick are the best ways to fight spreading the flu.







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