Henderson Co. upgrades their technology to make courtroom tasks easier

(KYTX) - Henderson County's 1st Assistant District Attorney Mark Hall and Office Manager Betty Herriage present a brand new mini Ipad to Texas Ranger Sergeant Michael Adcock.

Many investigators around the county are now using the technology of the iPads during their investigations of criminal offenses.

According to District Attorney Scott McKee, his office has also discovered the usefulness of the iPad in search warrants, courtroom technology and everyday tasks.

"The County even provided the judges with iPads so they can sign search warrants from home without the need for the investigator or officer to the leave the crime scene."

McKee indicated that in the first couple of months they have already used the iPads for judges to sign blood draw warrants which dramatically decreased the amount of time it takes for an officer to get a warrant.

"We are a no refusal county when it comes to felony level DWIs," says McKee.

"If you refuse and it is a felony DWI, we are going to seek a court-ordered blood draw and these iPads have now made it easier than ever."


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