Henderson ISD raises money for West

Henderson ISD raises money for West

HENDERSON (KYTX) - West ISD lost three of its four schools in the aftermath of the explosion.

The situation compelled one school district here in East Texas to show its support for the people and students in West.

"They were standing in the street watching the fire when the explosion actually hit," said Keith Boles.

Henderson ISD Superintendent Keith Bole's mother and father-in-law live just a quarter mile from the West fertilizer plant.

"Inside the house they had pictures where glass was actually embedded in the sheet rock," said Boles.

They're doing okay and staying with family members who live in West on the other side of town.

"Blown in window, doors, the ceiling has dropped. They're not real sure if it's going to be able to be repaired," added Boles.

After going through this horrible situation with his own family, he thought there had to be a way he could help.

"We thought, what could we do to support West ISD? We came up with the "West ISD day," explained Boles.


Students wore West colors to school this Thursday: Black, red and white.

Elementary and middle school students made donations so they could wears jeans--which is outside their normal dress code.

"It's really good to see everyone coming together to try to help out all the people in West," said Zane Boles.


Students and teachers in Henderson have donated more than money.

When they found out their own high school football and baseball coach's family was affected by the explosion, they loaded up the back of his truck and a trailer with different items.

"They really don't have hardly anything right now, you go out to donations and find clothes for the next day," said Matthew Woodard.

Coach Matthew Woodard's brother and his family lived just 500 yards from the fertilizer plant.

"His wife and my two nieces were inside the house when it happened, but they're ok," said Woodard.

He took pictures of the damage caused by the explosion. With the help of these donations, the students and teachers in Henderson know the town of West can rebuild.

"Education is much more than reading, writing and math. It's about developing the whole student. This is an opportunity for us to teach students how to give back," said Keith Boles.

Henderson ISD raised more than $11,000. All that money was raised by just teachers, students and other staff members.


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