Home Rehabilitation Program

On this rainy day, it's hard for some families living in old homes like these to stay dry.
    "A complete rehabilitation is what I need"
  The woman who lives in this home asked that we not identify her. 
  she says when it rains, her roof and windows leak  in several spots.
   Water even comes through the foundation. 
  But that's all about to change her house, along with two others in marshall, will receive upgrades with help from the Community Development Block Grant Program.
   "Someone told me about the program that helps people, and I signed up. And, And.. I got it" 
   "This program will come out and fix everything from doors, to windows, to ceilings, to foundations and anything else the low income families need" - Kevin Boyce
    The program is part of the Texas Department of Agriculture .
  The grant helps families in rural communities.   
  To quality for the program, you must have a low to moderate income and live in a rural community.
   For this woman she is just glad something is being done.
   "I am very blessed, I am very glad for them to come out and check on me"
In Marshall, Harrison County, I'm Kevin Boyce KYTX CBS 19 News. 


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