Hope House for Pets Host Its First-Ever Adoption Event this Weekend

Hope House for Pets Host Its First-Ever Adoption Event this Weekend

 GILMER (KYTX) - Debra Bulfinch has lived in Gilmer for years, and says there are countless animals just roaming the streets.  

"Out in the country it is really bad. Dogs are just getting thrown out, and a lot with babies. They are left just suffering on the street." - Debra Bullfinch, Volunteer

Right now, Hope House for Pets has  a make-shift shelter just behind this vet clinic and takes in as many of Gilmer's strays as possible. The founder of the non-profit, Dr. Cherie Nazzal spent $10,000 of her own money to increase the number of animals that can be placed here. Last year she could only house a dozen, now she is up to almost 40.  

""There are so many animals in this area that are just gonna get killed. I don't wanna be that way where we kill healthy dogs and cats." - Dr. Cherie Nazzal, Founder

As of now, most dogs are still sent to the Humane Society of Northeast Texas in Longview.Many face euthanization if they're not adopted.

"We just can't handle that type of volume. Maybe in the future we can do it." - Nazzal

Dr. Nazzal's facility is a no kill shelter and it runs on donations and fundraisers. Nazzal has purchased this land to build a $500,000 shelter for Gilmer, however, the making of that shelter is at least 5 years away. Until then, getting adoptions up is the goal. On Saturday and Sunday, she is attempting her first adoption event and will bring these puppies into the Longview Petsmart parking lot to urge people to adopt. Bulfinch has already donated blankets and pillows out of her store unique items in Gilmer so the animals have bedding.

"We have a lot of strays here, and they need a place to go and stay safe." - Bullfinch

The adoption fees will range from 150 to 300 dollars. That includes shots, and microchipping. The event will be held at the Petsmart parking lot Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 3.  


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