Hopkins County residents begin to tackle the tornado cleanup

Hopkins County residents begin to tackle the tornado cleanup

HOPKINS COUNTY (KYTX) - The clean up process following a tornado north of Sulphur Springs is leaving several families with lots to do. 

CBS 19'S Katiera Winfrey spoke to residents where the storm caused the most damage. She spoke to one family whose business and home were ravaged-- when the tornado touched down.

It's going to take a family of hands to try to put things back in order.

"We knew there was a tornado warning, but we really didn't think much of it, because we get them so often," said BJ White who chose to sit out the storm. 

"It was actually pretty scary being in the house."

The scene is a difficult one to take in. The family home and business was connected. The business at one end, the home on the other end. Following the storm, pieces of it are now piled together.

"I don't' know where the metal is, over there, maybe across the road, it's just, it's just gone everything that was in here," said Sheila Krecek, who is one of the family members helping in the cleanup process.

When the storm hit, White and his grandmother took shelter inside a closet.

"When the roof started collapsing and the water started coming in, it got real I knew it could still get to us."

Watt says after about five minutes of sitting in a the dark listening to the house being pelted with debris and hearing cracking noises from the house falling to pieces...it was a relief for him to actually be able to see what was left.

"We're okay and that's really all that matters."

From picking up dishes, and sweeping away debris. This is one large family is pulling together to eventually put things back together.

Because of how the families home was built, they never qualified for insurance. As a result, the responsibility of re-building from the ground up will fall entirely on the family.

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The family has set up a fund under GoFundMe. To find out more you can contact
Welda White at 903-243-2267 or by email at txnurse75482@gmail.com



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