Hospital Stabbing: "blood found on Templeton's right shoulder"

Hospital Stabbing: "blood found on Templeton's right shoulder"

Court documents provided a clearer picture Wednesday of the minutes leading up to a fatal stabbing at Good Shepherd Medical Center and the hours that followed.

It was inside Good Shepherd's Ambulatory Surgery Center that someone tried to stop 22-year-old Kyron Templeton during his alleged stabbing spree. But the young man got away.

It's not clear if more people were hurt once he got loose again inside the ambulatory surgical clinic. The alternative would be that all five victims had been stabbed prior to the temporary detainment.

According to court documents, the first person to identify Templeton to police was once of his alleged victims. She didn't know who he was but she knew what he was wearing. That description was passed on to the additional police officers arriving on the scene.

Eventually one of those officers said he saw Templeton running across the parking lot. Templeton had taken off his blue shirt but he was still holding it. The officer said it clearly an "attempt to allude apprehension and hide from him."

The officer went on to say that Templeton repeatedly accused hospital employees of "trying to kill his mother."

Once he was in custody, Templeton waited at Longview Police headquarters and investigators waited for a warrant. Before they made an arrest, they wanted a judge's permission to test the suspected killer's "bodily fluids, including saliva, suitable for DNA comparison."

That's because officers say they found "blood on Templeton's right shoulder." They weren't sure who it belonged to.

Investigators believe the blood could be the key to connecting Templeton to the stabbings and to the murder weapon.


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