Hostess declares liquidation, East Texans hope for brand buy out

TYLER (KYTX) - The reality is setting in for nearly 18,000 Hostess employees without jobs tonight.

The Irving based company announced today it's shutting down all operations.

You've seen them at the East Texas State Fair.

"Our very first venture into fried deserts before we started some crazy, only eat it once a year type of thing at the fair, was the fried Twinkie," says Ted Kamel, owner of Ted Kamel Foods.

Kamel is responsible for bringing them to East Texans 12 years ago.

They were one of his top sellers.

"Chocolate covered fried Twinkie, strawberry shortcake fried Twinkie," says Kamel.

All across the country Friday, people were emptying shelves of their favorite Hostess treats after the company declared liquidation.

JMany of us remember reaching into the cabinet and grabbing hostess snacks as kids.

At all the stores we visited, you could only find certain items.

No Wonder Bread, if you wanted Twinkies you were out of luck, they were selling like hot cakes.

Workers started their strike about a week ago after a third proposed pay and benefit cut, proving to be the final straw for the more than 80-year-old company.

"They're just tired, they're just tired and not going to take it anymore," says a union leader, Donald Woods.

"We believe in Hostess, we believed in Hostess has a bright future, but unfortunately it's not working out that way and there are a lot of sad people today," says Hostess Spokesman Tom Becker.

Kamel hopes someone buys the brand.

"There are other items out there kind of similar to the Hostess Twinkie, but none will replace it," says Kamel.

Because there's nothing quite like the iconic snack cake.

Hostess had $2.5 billion in revenue this year, with Twinkies alone generating 68 million of those dollars.


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