Hot car danger

Hot car danger

TYLER (KYTX)-Justin Allred is the mom of three one-year-old triplets.

"Even when they are not with me and i know the kids are at home with Dad, I still triple check my car when I get out. It's just on my mind constantly and especially with the heat and everything that's happened in the past we make sure they aren't there," Allred said.

Not leaving her kids in the car is important to Allred but teaching them how to get out if they ever get stuck is the most important.

"As far as taking safety measures like honking the horn, crawling to the front seat to make sure they do that- banging on the windows, screaming- I guess those are the main things we should do," Allred said.

ETMC Paramedic Vicky Lamay stresses the fact that the car can not be a toy.

"If they know the only time they belong in their car is when they are in a car seat then they are less likely to get in it," Lamay said.

When a car is left out in the sun for ten minutes, the temperature rises twenty degrees.

"A child's body temp will rise 5 times as quickly as an adult. Their metabolism is higher and they are just so much smaller that they heat up very fast," Lamay said.

Lamay says a child can heat up to a dangerous temperature in minutes. 

But this isn't just a problem in the summer. 

Children have died from being left in the car when it is only fifty seven degrees outside.

"It's not an 80 degree weather problem or a 90 degree weather problem, its a 60 degree weather problem, a 70 degree weather problem," Lamay said.

Allred says her kids' safety is always on her mind.

"It is something that both of us constantly throughout the day and even at night when they're asleep we are constantly thinking about how to keep them safe," Allred said.

Another recommendation is to do safety drills with your kids.

That way in case a situation like this does occur.

They know how to get out.



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