Hot car dangers and your kids

Hot car dangers and your kids

TYLER (KYTX) - As temperatures continue to rise this summer, conditions become even more dangerous for your children.

So far this year, 4 children have died from being left inside hot cars in the U.S.

It can get up to 30 degrees hotter inside a car.

And leaving a child under 7 in a car alone is against the law.

Many parents say while they would never do it intentionally, their biggest fear is leaving their child in the car accidentally.

Every time Lauren Sutherland loads up 6-month-old Oliver into the car, she makes sure the air conditioner is already running.

"Always try to make sure windows are open before I start it, or get the a/c going," says Sutherland.

She doesn't want him to get overheated.

But there's one thing she worries about more.

"Probably one of my biggest fears, but I have not ever left him in the car," says Sutherland.

"Put a reminder in the front seat, put a doll, a blanket that says, 'hey, I've got a kid in here,'" says Officer Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department.

Officer Martin says the temperature can rise quickly.

We put a thermometer in the car, in 5 minutes with the windows cracked, it was over 80 degrees.

In 10 minutes, almost 100.

About 30 minutes later it was more than 110 degrees.

"Besides the heat, it's just dangerous to do and just don't do it," says Officer Martin.

Cases where children have died from being left in the car in Maryland, Virginia and California just in the last month.

The E-Z Baby Saver, invented by an 11-year-old in Nashville, aims to help parents remember.

A simple device, that could help save lives.

Something that could ease the worry for parents like Sutherland.

"Does make me nervous one day I'll get out and go somewhere and forget he's in there," says Sutherland.

You can also put a purse or briefcase in the back seat, something that will force you to open the door and see the child.

Or like Officer Martin said, keep something in the front, even a note, to remind you.

It's a class c misdemeanor to simply leave a child in the car.

But you could face felony child endangerment charges or worse if your child were to get hurt or die.

And you could also be charged for leaving a pet in the car.

Those charges could be animal cruelty if your pet needs medical attention.


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