House fire victim: "We're blessed to be safe"

CHEROKEE COUNTY (KYTX) -- A Cuney family is turning to their faith after losing their home in a fire Monday morning. By the time fire fighters got to the home on County Road 3501 it was a total loss.

The Franklin Family spent Monday morning watching their whole world turn into ash. But with the kind of strength most of us never find at time like this, Larry Franklin found the silver lining.

"This gives us the opportunity to really just be around [my dying mother]," Larry Franklin said. "That's the blessed thing about it. That we're safe. Whatever happens, look at the bright side."

"We put about ten to twelve thousand gallons of water on [the fire]." Lake Palestine East volunteer firefighter Mike Avis said.

According to Avis, the roof and walls that protected the Franklins for decades were hiding a construction frame that was just waiting for a spark.

"When they get that old the wood is dry and they'll burn real quickly," Avis said.

What's left are beds that are no longer warm and safe and toys that have seen their last adventure. But Franklin calls it a miracle that he wasn't home when they burned.

"I got to thinking about the head-on collision I saw yesterday," Franklin said.

It was the memory of that wreck that got Franklin out of bed and in the car with his wife and grand-children on the way to school Monday. He wanted to make sure they were safe--not realizing he was saving himself.

"You know, the Word says 'don't be too prideful,'" Franklin said. "And I really understand what that's saying now, now that we don't have anything."

The Franklins have family living nearby. They planned to stay with them Monday night as they try to get this all sorted out. The home was fully insured.

The Cherokee County Fire Marshal began his investigation Monday afternoon after waiting for the scene to cool. He's still working to figure out what happened.


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