Humane Society to Start In-House Spay and Neutering

Humane Society to Start In-House Spay and Neutering

LONGVIEW (KYTX) - This building just next door to the Humane Society of Northeast Texas will soon resemble a vet's office.  

The building is now undergoing a makeover to make it suitable to spay and neuter animals brought into the Humane Society.
Mary Ramos is donating her time, and money to the cause, she says it's an important step in controlling East Texas' pet population.
"I think it's the best thing you can do for your animal. It makes for no worries if some accident does happen." - Mary Ramos
Humane Society Director Scott Holloway says when animals are adopted, vouchers are given for the service. But the vouchers require owners to proactively go to a vet. 
"We had a couple adopt two dogs from us last year, and a year later they brought us a box  full of puppies that they couldn't take care of. Turns out, they never used the vouchers." - Scott Holloway
"Holloway says almost a fourth of all vouchers go unused. WIth this new, in-house service  it eliminates depending on owners." - Kevin Boyce
The office will receive new vinyl floors, without cracks or crevices for easy cleaning. The shelter ill have fund raisers to help pay for $50,000 worth of equipment.
"If we want to get serious about our pet problem, we need to have this service." 
The building has been leased for two years, when the operation will be moved to the new animal shelter being built by the city of longview.  
Ramos says hopefully the number of animals in the cages will begin to dwindle.  
"It's no lie that it's a problem here. If we can lower it, that helps everyone"
The shelter hopes to offer the services starting next year.  


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