Hyper! Active. spotlighting local talent

 TYLER (KYTX) - Paul Bibeau launched Hyper! Active. to bring local artists to the forefront of the music scene- artists like Walter Lee, lead singer of Rockett Queen.  

"We couldn't have been anymore fortunate to run into Paul Bibeau in our hometown. And, literally, i think, when we decided to work together, we literally ran into each other."

"We did." says Bibeau. "He played me some new material in his mustang and i was just floored. We want to develop more and more talent out of this marketplace. And, again, i've been in New York for 20 years. You don't have to be in New York anymore. I'm happy to be in East Texas." 

Lee says through the rise of the Internet and the help of  Hyper! Active., he's found a way to further his music career and still hold onto his East Texas roots.

"We've always subscribed to the theory of we could be a big fish in a small pond or we could be a small, unnoticeable fish in the ocean." 

Lee says he'd rather his band be noticed.

"We've been able to reach out and reach anybody who we've needed to reach. And, if you're good enough, they will pay attention no matter where you're living."



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