Inside Santa's East Texas workshop

Inside Santa's East Texas workshop

Out on Highway 110, on the way to Van when you're leaving Tyler, there's a dedicated toy-builder putting smiles on children's faces the old fashioned way.

Nearly every day you can find Winford Stone behind his work bench.

"I come down here, I cut and I glue, and I go to the house and have a cup of coffee," he said as he built a small train Friday.

Between those cups of coffee, Stone's workshop is one in a million.

"Everybody that works with wood builds furniture," he said.

That's why stone decided to build toys for his grandson after retirement.

"I made a few little toys for him and it just caught on from there and grew," Stone said.

It started with one simple car.

"Kept getting a little braver every year," he said.

Now Stone builds bulldozers, planes and trains.

Especially trains.

"Every one of them turns out a little different because I don't use a pattern," he said. "I just look at a picture and make it."

One car after another he makes something special from almost nothing. What's amazing is that he's never considered himself particularly skilled.

"No, not really," he said.

Instead Stone will tell you this is just his relaxation--a hobby he hopes will never start to feel like work. Still, he knows putting up the Santa sign means Christmas could be a little busy.

"I may have some customers Christmas Eve," Stone said. "You never know."

So if you want an old-fashioned toy without all the gadgets just step inside, look past the saw dust and you might be surprised.

Click here for more information on Winford's Wooden Toys.


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