Investigation continues in Longview fatal shooting

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - 30 year old Byron Houston of Longview is accused of shooting and killing Barbara Hudson a few weeks ago. He has given police many versions of what he says took place the day Barbara was killed. Now he's telling police he did point the gun and pull the trigger, but Barbara wasn't supposed to die."

"He did admit that he had pointed the weapon at Ms. Hudson on prior occasions, just joking around playing and it would make her mad but they would just kind of both laugh about it."

That's not quite what happened the afternoon of November 17th.

"On this day he actually pointed it at her and was wreckless whenever he pulled the trigger and the gun went off."

During what Houston says was a game of Russian Roulette.

"My sister-in-law Barbara never played Russian Roulette."

Barbara's sister in law Hilary said she thought the deadly game was played differently.

"Two or more people facing each other with a single gun and a single bullet, you point it at yourself, pull the trigger and the last one standing wins."

She says she's not sure what game it was Houston claims he was playing with her sister-in-law.

"You don't play Russian Roulette through the back of someone else."

"Number one, Russian Roulette is played with a revolver, not something shaped like a glock. Number two, my daughter hated guns."

Malinda Weech says she doesn't believe any of Houston's stories of how her daughter was killed.

"He's trying to cover himself and get out of all that he has under him."

"It's false, fiction, complete forgery, whatever you want to call it."

Barbara's family says they are working on healing, but in order to do so they want the truth.

"I don't believe it was an accident and I never will believe it was an accident."

"Two families have been destroys because of one man's action, his own as well as our own."

We've reported Barbara had a surveillance camera mounted in her bedroom where she was killed. I asked police about the video from that day during the time of the shooting. Longview's Public Information Officer told me she was not sure if detectives have viewed the video yet, but if and when they do, that manslaughter charge could certainly change.


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