Is the immigration crisis Rick Perry's second act?

(CNN) -- Two years removed from his disastrous 2012 presidential bid, Rick Perry is fully recovered from back surgery, sporting new glasses, reengaging with the Republican conservative base, and showing signs that he's considering another run for the White House.

Immigration policy helped sink the Texas governor's previous bid, but it has now put him back in the spotlight. He met on Wednesday with President Barack Obama, who's under fire over the surge of undocumented minors on the southern border.

Obama accepted Perry's offer for a sit-down following a sharp exchange with the White House. Last week, White House spokesman Josh Earnest mocked his message on immigration, saying "the truth is it's hard to take seriously Governor Perry's concerns."

Perry points to his state's long border with Mexico as ground zero for the crush of mostly children entering the United States illegally.

"My message to President Obama is to secure this border, Mr. President. Finally address this issue and secure this border," Perry said last week at a congressional hearing near the border in McAllen, Texas.

But he may have disappointed fellow conservatives when he said that he was "tired of pointing fingers and blaming people." He added, "I hope what we can do is come up with some solutions here."

Perry used more muscular language days later when he said, "this is a failure of diplomacy. It is a failure of leadership from the administration in Washington, D.C."

Jeff Miller, a senior Perry political adviser, told CNN that Perry "is not saying anything different than what he's being advocating since 2010 -- that 'we've got to secure this border. There's a crisis going on.'"

Obama wants $3.7 billion for immigration crisis

But Miller said the current crisis is giving Perry a larger platform.

"Right now, because of the huge influx of these children crossing the border from Mexico, the media's paying more attention and more of the public is seeing the crisis the governor has been dealing with for years. Not a lot has changed, but now more people are listening to what the governor's saying," Miller said.

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