Is your car Winter ready?

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) -  Auto mechanics say that smart drivers take a few extra steps and precautions to make sure their cars are ready to ride out in this year's Winter weather.

"I check the tires and radiator fluid to make sure it's all up to level, and I check the oil to make sure it's clean and full."

A few of the many things Michael Morgan says he does to make sure his truck is in top winter shape.

"Some people just drive their cars and don't even think about it."

As temperatures drop and cars require more attention, Toyota of Longview's Service Manager John Hall says, it's important not to neglect your car.

"It's the way we get from point A to point B and with the cold weather coming in there's certain things you want to do to keep it from breaking down on you."

"Here at Toyota of Longview they say that one of the most important things you can do during the winter time is check your tire pressure. They say you can get one of these tire gauges at your nearest auto parts store. Take your tire gauge, walk up to your tire, push it into your valve stem and check your pressure, simple as that."

Hall says checking your tire pressure is key in the winter because cold weather causes the tire pressure to drop.

Some other things you can do to get your car ready for dropping temperatures include:

  1. Checking your battery and battery cables to be sure they're not old or corroded.
  2. Check your windshield washer fluid to be sure it's full.
  3. Take a trip to your local auto parts store to pick up some anti-freeze and an anti-freeze tester.
  4.  have you car tuned up.

"Every year when the cold weather hits, we get 1 or 2 cars that will have to get towed in because they'll have a break down that's related to the cold weather."

Mechanics also say that it's important to keep a cell phone with you, and that shouldn't be a problem for most. They say keep a few emergency contacts in there, in case you and another passenger get stranded, you have someone to call for help.


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