It's a fast food filled summer

Fast Food

TYLER (KYTX) - Summers are the busiest time of year for fast food restaurants. That's according to a new report in USA Today.

This year, fast food chains are advertising plenty of diet disasters to try to get you in the door or in the drive through.

You've probably heard about the glazed donut breakfast sandwich by now. Also on tap this summer- cheesy bacon pretzel dogs, peanut butter and jelly shakes, chicken waffle tenders... You can also look forward to the new strawberry Pop Tart ice cream sandwich.

Pediatrician Dr. Valerie Smith with St. Paul Children's Clinic says unfortunately, a lot of these new summer foods are marketed to children.

"Our kids are constantly getting bombarded with messages about high sugar, high fat items, fast foods."

Joann Parks says it happens all the time in her home. That's why she tries to limit her children's amount of TV time.

"They like to point at the TV and say, 'mama let's go there!' But, I try and cook more at home than going out to fast food places."

Dr. Smith says that's a great idea. If you do have to make a fast food trip though, swap some of the foods for healthier choices.

"I encourage them to drink the juices or water, not the cokes." says Parks. "I also get the fruit instead of fries. And, we usually opt out for chicken instead of the burgers."

Dr. Smith says your kids are more likely to accept those changes if you make a game plan before driving through the line.

"It's not about depriving kids of things, it's about teaching them that they need to eat the healthy things and then occasionally have those treats."

Dr. Smith says her children love frozen grapes and frozen blueberries. She also recommends frozen yogurt pops instead of a trip to the ice cream store.


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