It's Time Texas: Breaking Barriers Boot Camp helping East Texans get fit

WHITEHOUSE (KYTX) - When you think boot camp, you might think of the Marines.  That's just the kind of fitness boot camp one former Marine is leading in Whitehouse.

At Breaking Barriers Boot Camp, students are known as recruits.  "I came with the notion that I can't do this," says Barbara Landreth.  Barbara Landreth is a new recruit.  Before Breaking Barriers, she struggled with bad blood pressure and cholesterol walking was her only exercise.

"It was hard.  I won't kid you, but Christy has a compassion to help people lose weight and get into good health and healthy condition.  She never made it feel like I didn't belong. She was very encouraging," says Landreth.

Their leader Christy Dunton is a former Marine.  "If I get too big, I add more platoons," says Christy Dunton, Breaking Barriers Boot Camp owner.  "So I can keep the camaraderie because that is one thing I loved in the Marine Corps.  We worked out together.  We had a purpose.  We had goals and we met it together."

It's that same Marine camaraderie she tries to foster in her boot camps while they work to build strength and lose weight.

"When they get together as a platoon, that's what they are.  They come together and make lifelong friendships here. 

"There is a check and balance system.  If you're not there, you'll get a text-- 'missed you today. I will see you tomorrow,'" says Stephanie Brown. 

Stephanie Brown shows up, ready to sweat 5 days a week.  She likes the variety boot camp offers.  "You feel like you accomplished something, which is sometimes all you feel because you don't feel your body afterwards," says Brown.

Stephanie's dedication has paid off. She's dropped 40 pounds since joining Breaking Barriers and her fellow recruit Barbara has broken through a barrier she wasn't sure was possible.

"When she (doctor) took my lab tests my cholesterol was normal. My HDL was normal. My LDL was normal. My triglycerides were normal and even on cholesterol meds for the last 18 years, I have not been able to get it normal," says Landreth. 

For the first time in years, Barbara's off all her meds.  She's 30 pounds lighter and she's gone from no push ups, with the strength to do more than 30.

Christy Dunton's boot camp has grown a lot since she started personal training, but she likes to keep her class sizes small so she can give recruits that one on one attention they need.


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