It's Time Texas: Fit City Tyler expands to TISD with 5210 program

TYLER (KYTX) - Fit City Tyler has now expanded into local schools to reach students and their families. It's a program called-- Fit City 5-2-1-0.  In this week's It's Time Texas report, how the program is teaching kids healthy choices early that could last for a lifetime.

5210 is more than a cheer the students at Caldwell Elementary in Tyler learned.  It's really a battle cry for better health.

"5 fruits and veggies that's the key.  More apples and oranges and carrots for me," chanted the students at Caldwell. 

"I am so happy that they brought it in. We are teaching them to eat properly," says Dyann Kemp.

Coach Dyann Kemp is one of the many in TISD teaching 5210.  It's based on a program developed by the American academy of pediatrics.  It boils down to encouraging elementary students, like 3rd grader Lydia Kaiser to make healthy food choices.  "If you eat fruits and vegetables, it is healthy for you," says Lydia. 

It also encourages them to move more. That brings us to the #2 in 5210.  "2 hours or less of screen time play.  Gonna go outside and jog everyday," chanted the kids at Caldwell.

The program encourages students to not sit in front of the TV or play video games for hours on end.  "One hour or more of exercise.  Will keep my body energized," chanted the Caldwell students. 

During this P.E. class at Caldwell Elementary, students are working on the "1" in the 5210. That's one hour of physical activity or more a day.

"I learned that you can exercise a lot and that is what I like to do is exercise.  Exercise helps me with my golf game," says Leroy Sparrow. 

Leroy also loves to jog.  He learned that in Coach Kemp's class and why water and milk are better choices than soft drinks.  "Zero sugary drinks for me.  More milk and water, yesiree," chanted the kids 

"I think you need to reach them at the elementary age group to teach them the right habits, because if they get in bad habits young, it may follow them as an adult," says Kemp.

Teachers are hoping 5210 will be a winning combination with kids and keep them having this much fun with exercise for a lifetime.


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