It's Time Texas: Fly Kids devote hours to hip-hop dancing

TYLER (KYTX) - Twice a week, two hours a practice with just 4 minutes for water breaks, the Fly Kids craft and perfect their dance routines. "It's an awesome program," says Kennedy Baer.  I've been in it for 3 years now.  You come to love it."

It's mostly hip-hop with some classic dance moves thrown in.  "I practice a lot, as much as I can get," says Ryan Jackson.  "If I am not eating or watching TV, I am dancing or entertaining.

The Fly Kids are led by director, Kathy Wood.  "They get a lot of exercise doing it," says Kathy Wood.

"It is good for your bodies, because it is exercise to a point, but it's also fun," says Kennedy.  "It's not just lifting weights, I'm lifting kids!"

Kathy says it's a very athletic type of dance.  Depending on your size, you can burn more than 300 calories an hour.  "I feel tired.  It's a lot of energy she wants you to do, but I keep going, won't quit," says Ryan. 

It requires intense training from their face to their feet.  "We want kids who work hard and really want to be here to be the best that they can, because we intend to be the best group in Tyler," says Wood. 

Kathy says you don't have to be a great dancer to join, just passionate about it.  The benefits-- she says will go beyond physical fitness.  "It allows the students to be part of a team, but remain an individual," says Wood.  "It's about doing your own thing and dancing the way you want to dance, but we are bringing it into a team atmosphere.  That's kind of fun because they support each other a lot."

And, when the Fly Kids are done at the Glass Recreation center, they usually workout more moves at home.


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