It's Time Texas: Getting in your holiday workout pays off

TYLER (KYTX) - During the holidays, sometimes your workout routine can get thrown out of whack.  But, researchers say exercise can actually be a great way to fend off the stresses of the holiday, weight gain and holiday blues.  In this week's It's Time Texas report, expert advice for a healthy holiday.

In the midst of your holiday travel, parties and shopping, it gets harder and harder to break away from the mall and make a move for the gym.

"This is the time of year that the population at the gym begins to lessen.  You see less and less people," says C.T. Phelps, a trainer at Anytime Fitness. 

C.T. Phelps is a trainer at Anytime Fitness in Tyler.  He devotes more energy this time of year to encouraging clients not to let all of their hard work go to waste.

"It takes 7 days to get the hand of being back in the gym.  It take 21 days to create a habit, so if you go 21 days without going to the gym, that's a habit. Once you form that habit it is really hard to break it," says Phelps 

Phelps suggests fitting in at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day because if you don't-- "Some of the excess weight gain, it has an effect on the body.  Those foods that you probably haven't put in your body in a while will affect your performance," says Phelps. 

Experts say seasonal stressors can also take a toll on your body, but a dose of exercise can help with your holiday peace of mind.

"Working out relieves a lot of stress.  It does help you stay focused, release some of the hormones and energy you need to make it through holiday shopping and some of the crazy lines at the mall," says Phelps.

And if you're waiting to get fit by making a new year's resolution?  "There is no such thing as a New Year's resolution in my book," says Phelps.  He says choose a lifestyle change now that includes a date with the gym, instead.

If you're still not convinced about the benefits of a holiday workout, keep in mind-- research shows a third of people don't keep their New Year's resolutions until the end of January.


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