It's Time Texas: Losing the baby weight

SMITH COUNTY (KYTX) - Moms tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves to lose "the weight" after their baby is born.

According to Everyday Health, that pressure increases by looking at magazines where it seems like stars drop their baby-weight overnight. In this week's It's Time Texas report, a baby weight boot camp is helping new moms take a healthy approach to dropping the pounds.

Patricia Lamere gained almost 60 pounds with the birth of her third baby.  "I gained a lot of weight from my 3rd pregnancy so I was discouraged after her," says Patricia Lamere.

For most of her pregnancy, Patricia says she did a lot of sitting and eating.  "Because I was in the wedding 5 months after and already pretty big, I wanted to start the last couple of weeks just getting ready to start moving again after I had her, so I just started doing light weights.  I was able to walk better, I wasn't so tight," says Patricia.

After the baby was born, she started trainer, Emily Mariani's, baby weight boot camp workout. "First of all we set goals, realistic goals.  It took 10 months to put it on so it's going to take quite a bit of time to take it off," says Emily Mariani, trainer.

Emily had also just welcomed a son.  "I started with one, eating healthy, because we all know when you are pregnant, you reach for things that you wouldn't normally eat-- cutting out the sugar, cutting out the breads, white pastas, eating lean protein, fiber, vegetables, fruit and eating about 5-7 times a day, small meals, every couple of hours," says Emily.

Then she gets her new moms moving.  Emily likes to combine cardio training, circuit training, yoga and core work.

:It was hard and I was sore for a solid week of lunges and squats.  I felt like all I did was lunges and squats, but I saw results immediately," says Patricia.

And not just results in how Patricia looked.  "I think it is just easier as far as being a parent.  You're not so tired," says Patricia.

Running at boot camp keeps her running full steam at home.

Emily suggests talking to your doctor first before you start exercising after the baby is born.  Once you are cleared, she says just get moving.  Her go-to exercise was a zumba video with her older kids.


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