It's Time Texas: Moms getting healthy with Stroller Strides

TYLER (KYTX) -  Some East Texas moms are making strides to stay healthy while they get to spend time with their children. It's called stroller strides.  In this week's It's Time Texas report, how the women are bringing exercise, friendship and fun together.

Three times a week some Tyler moms roll out with their little ones in tow.  "I thought it was a great opportunity to get some exercise and also have some fellowship with other moms and something to do with the kids for a little while and get out of the house," says Jennifer Pierce. 

Jennifer Pierce and her fellow moms are not on a leisurely stroll.  They're working out with Stroller Strides.  It's a total body workout that combines power walking and strength training.

"We do strength exercises with bands that we use, too," says Gilly Bedford, Stroller Strides instructor. 

Gilly Bedford is their instructor.  She says this class is for moms of all fitness levels.  "The other good thing about it is-- they can bring the kids with them in the stroller and they get a full body workout and they don't have to worry about the kids," says Gilly Bedford, Stroller Strides instructor.

Your kids can actually help you burn more calories.  A recent study finds that you burn about 20% more calories while pushing a stroller.

"It's helped keep me in shape and its an extra motivator to get out here, not only to motivate them, but myself also," says Gilly Bedford, Stroller Strides instructor. 

Gilly, who is a mom to two boys, decided to bring Stroller Strides to Tyler because she saw a need for it.  "There were a lot of exercise programs that moms could do, but weren't really exercise programs for moms specifically that they could do with the kids," says Gilly.

"I think that is really it-- spending time with other moms and getting to workout while you have a community you can do it with," says Jennifer Pierce. 

For these moms, it's the perfect combination of fitness and fellowship.

Click here for more information on stroller strides in Tyler.


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