It's Time Texas: Skywalkers trying to lose weight in ETMC initiative

TYLER (KYTX) - East Texas Medical Center launches a new wellness campaign to "Leave 2012 Behind."  As a company, they're trying to drop that many pounds, 2012. In our It's Time Texas report, a group of women are skywalking to make that happen.

Carla Mott works hard as a nursing quality secretary at East Texas Medical Center.  "I sit all day in front of a computer, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork," says Carla Mott.  That can make it difficult for anyone to burn calories and stay in shape.  That's why Carla and several of her co-workers including, Tabatha Beal, started skywalking a few months ago. 

"Some of us thought it would be great to walk the SkyWalk on our breaks, at lunch sometimes even after work.  It's a workout ETMC supports with their new weight loss initiative -- "Leave 2012 Behind.

"Having a stronger, healthier workforce can mean a stronger workforce and being in the healthcare industry, I think it is important to practice what you preach, says Greg Maschal, Olympic Center Operations Manager.

Both Tabatha and Carla are logging many miles on the skywalk trying to lose weight and contribute to the company's bottom line during the 12 week initiative.  "I haven't been able to see it in my clothes yet, but I have lost pounds between walking the skywalk and eating right," says Tabatha.

The skywalkers have their workout fine tuned.  They've measured and taking the skywalk from the parking garage all the way across Beckham to the Olympic Center is a quarter of a mile.

"I have noticed benefits.  I have lost a couple of pounds, so I am going to keep it up because it gives you energy and gets your metabolism running and you're good to go," says Carla. 

For Carla, skywalking is more than just bringing the outdoors in.  "My thing with walking is last year I got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and I am going-- I have got to do something," says Carla.

Walking is helping her take back her health.  And, she and her skywalking buddies all plan to be a little lighter in 2013.


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