It's Time Texas: Tyler man sets powerlifting world record

TYLER (KYTX) - Can you imagine Lifting more than 600 pounds?  That's exactly what a Tyler man did to get his name into the record books. Greg Powell is now at the top of his game in powerlifting.

It takes commitment and of course, power to do what Greg Powell does competition after competition.

"I probably lift 2-3 times a week, six hours a week, and am usually on a strict diet because I have to maintain my weight for my weight class," ," says Gregg Powell.

When Greg is training at Woodcreek Athletic Club in Tyler.  He burns a lot of calories.  That's why he's constantly fueling up on carbs.  "I (also) take a lot of protein, about 4-5 times day, I supplement.  I eat well, a lot of high protein foods. I don't do a lot of candy and sweets, fried foods," says Greg Powell.

But, he does practice extreme safety on the bench.  "Working with this amount of weight I never do it alone. I always have 3 spotters," says Greg.

"Whether Greg is in training or in competition, he wears a special shirt tailored just for him. It helps support his shoulders and lift more weight."

Greg's road to success in powerlifting goes back 30 years.  "My brother was an instructor back at the old Terry's spa here in Tyler and he kind of motivated me into working out.  The more I got into it, the heavier the weights got," says Greg.

And in Las Vegas this year, Greg set a record in the 220 Pound Class Masters Single-Ply Division.

"I did 650 pounds on the bench press.  The amazing thing to me about that is-- I have been trying to bench press 3 times my weight and I finally achieved that at a meet," says Greg.

At 47, Greg is not done setting goals for himself.  "I am on the road to 700 pounds bench press record at 220 pounds.  The overall record is 711 pounds," says Greg.

With the help of his coaches, spotters and sponsors, Greg plans to beat that powerlifting record this summer.


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