J.B.'s Journal: Candy maker

J.B.'s Journal: Candy maker

TYLER (KYTX) - On Valentine's Day many sweethearts will receive the gift of candy. One East Texas business has molded their best-selling sweet for 72 years. In the Emmy award-winning J.B.'s Journals, J.B. Smith takes us inside the Tyler candy company.

 "We make up a batch of syrup every night for the  peanut patties."

Anthony George founded the Tyler Candy Company in 1941. His invention—still in use today—consists of a parade of slow-moving, metal buckets, heated for thirty minutes to 250 degrees—to create the pink, peanut patty.

"Red skins on the peanuts turn them pink." "The major ingredients in a peanut patty are sugar, syrup, peanuts, these are mixed together and cooked off at certain temperature formed into the patties on the molds."

"It's a very unique process to get this done you can't vary it, hardly at all."

Peanut patties became popular with Southern soldiers during the Civil War.

"They could take this in their packs without it getting bad like chocolate."
"There's approximately 40,000 pounds of peanuts here, they go through more than this in one month just to create this little item, absolute heaven."

Today the patties are sold all over the U.S.

"They'll make about 22,000 of these a day."

That's almost 700,000 a month with sizes ranging from small to jumbo. A new patty is shaped like Texas.

""We did send some by accident to a company in Florida, guy called me, didn't think it was funny getting Texas peanut patties in Florida."

"I told him send me back or throw away, no I got rid of them in two weeks."

 An original recipe that's waiting to be unwrapped… by the next generation of peanut patty lovers.

"Got a great flavor, great peanut flavor, sweet taste!"

For CBS 19, I'm J.B. Smith and that's my story.

Besides peanut patties, the Tyler Candy Company also produces peppermint sticks, peanut brittle, peanut and pecan logs and divinity.
Their products are sold in stores all over East Texas and the U.S.


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