J.B.'s Journal: Car restoration

SMITH COUNTY (KYTX) - "So I found my first project car and started from

Craig Chesley began restoring classic Mustangs over 20 years ago, during the
cold of winter.

"For early mustangs, you can almost build a car from parts, make almost every piece of this car, can buy brand new, that's how big this hobby is."

Mustangs are one of the most popular cars to refurbish, but ones in good condition are becoming more rare.

"In order to restore an antique car you got to have a vision as to how beautiful an auto can become, starting with something like this."

"You start with a structure, car not rusted, completely through, frame, wheels, structural parts sound."

A successful restoration begins with a plan, before you disassemble the

"Make sure you bag and tag the parts so you know what parts go where, start to put it back together, you will not remember what you did when you took it apart."

"It takes several times longer than most people estimate because things don't go as you planned."
"The most fun part of a restoration is when you get one back from the paint shop, freshly painted, start putting new parts on it."

A drive out price that can cost thousands of dollars, but the results can
make it all worth it.

"You really can't describe it, blood, sweat, tears, in the project, takes months or years to complete, when its finished, culmination of all of that, pride you get from showing it off, enjoying driving it."

"I think these cars will always have a value, may diminish somewhat over 20-30 years because new generation didn't grow up with them like our generation did."
But as Craig wraps up work on his latest remodel, he's already thinking
about his next one.

"If the restoration bug bites you, what you want is another project."

For CBS 19, I'm J.B. Smith, and that's my story.

The East Texas Auto and Cycle Show will be held this coming
weekend, February 1-3 at Harvey Convention Center in Tyler with the proceeds
benefiting the East Texas Crisis Center.


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