J.B.'s Journal: Gone With The Wind

(KYTX) - Margaret Mitchell's book Gone With the Wind recently celebrated its 75th anniversary of being published. The book and the movie still remain popular today. This week on J.B.'s Journal, we'll take you to Jefferson, Texas and inside Scarlett O'Hardy's.

"I became fascinated with Gone With The Wing because of my interest in the Margaret Mitchell and her novel," explained Bobbie Hardy. Hardy's collection of Gone With The Wind items grew so large she created a museum in Jefferson.

The museum feathers theater seats from Lowes Grand Theater in Atlanta, GA, were there when the motion picture premiered Dec. 15, 1939.

A one-of-a-kind piece and Bobbie's favorite is the dollhouse that took two years to construct. "The front you see represents Twelve Oaks, Wilkes Plantation house," Bobbie said.

The inside shows rooms from Twelve Oaks, Tara and the Butlers Atlanta mansion.

"The tree is decorated with 8 inch Madame Alexandar dolls, various ornaments" added Bobbie. "We celebrate Christmas at Scarlett O'Hardys 365 days a year."

Gone With The Wind, the novel, was published over 75 years ago and has never gone out of
print, it's also published in over 40 different languages.

From rare Spanish lithographs of the movies, to replicas of Scarlett's famous dresses, Bobbie's collection includes hundreds of items.

"This is Tara cookie jar represents the fact they are still making Gone With The Wind memorabilia for people to collect," Bobbie said. "It's very difficult now to find something I can't
live without."

Bobbie has many rare letters and documents from Margaret Mitchell but the one item she would like for her collection… "I would love to have an invitation to Mitchell's funeral."

An interesting piece of trivia, Gone With the Wind won best picture from the Academy Awards in 1939 over another popular movie, the Wizard of Oz released that same year. Also Judy Garland was originally signed to play one of Scarlett's sisters but was recast when she received the role of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.


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