J.B.'s Journal: Tyler artist Jan Widner

J.B.'s Journal: Tyler artist Jan Widner

(KYTX) - East Texas has always been a haven for different kinds of artists. One Tyler woman gives back her talents by teaching. In tonight's

"Art is a way of thinking, way of living, it's a lifestyle," said Jan Widner.

Inside an old farm house on a busy street in Tyler, the perfect place to create.

"Art has been going in and out of my life, my life's been very full, I like experiences," said Widner.

Jan Widner can be found constructing, one stroke, one cut, one piece at a time.

"I have piles and piles of work I've done before tearing them up and keeping them for collages," said Widner.

Her walls are covered with examples of her work, from watercolors to abstract.

"I guess I'm typical of any artist, they're all my favorites," explained Widner.

Some are made from unique materials.

"Those purple mountains in the back, mountains back there, they're made out of paper towels, applied those,didn't think about them as mountains, did that for color, aesthetic value, looked back, said WOW! mountains," said Widner.

Others are inspired from photographs.

"I've had that 10 years wanting to draw it," said Widner.

Today, Jan passes her knowledge along to children in her art studio.

"It's been the best part of my life, my life has been great, most exciting time of my life, teaching these kids to see the world around them in a different way," said Widner.

She teaches them how to see art with variations of color.

"When I was eight, started doing stuff out of my head, now I get the colors, focusing on the picture," said Sydney Garrett.

"I have had some students come in here who didn't have any natural ability at all, after 3-4 years working with me, they can draw anything they want," said Widner.

Under the watchful eye of her ever-present critic, she paints. A form of expression, she hopes will survive generation after generation.

"I don't think art will ever go away," said Widner.

During the next week, you can see examples of Jan's art students on display at the Tyler Rose Garden Center. If your interested in an art class for your child, she offers weekly classes and summer camps.


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