Jackson Elementary students thank firefighters

JACKSON HEIGHTS (KYTX) - A special thank you to volunteer firefighters from hundreds of children at Jackson Elementary in Chapel Hill ISD.

The students expressed their appreciation, not just for the work the firefighters do every day, but for helping to save their school.

They anxiously wait for the program they designed to begin.

"Because we wanted to help," says third grader Isaiah Ates.

Ates and the rest of the third graders at Jackson Elementary led a school-wide thank you.

Directed toward these men and women, firefighters with Jackson Heights Volunteer Fire Department.

"It's heartwarming, it really is. To see all the kids put their hard work in and the letters into this," says Assistant Chief Russell Young.

Young is the assistant chief for the department, and a lucky recipient of cards and dozens of hugs.

The biggest reason the kids wanted to thank the firefighters, the close proximity those fires were to their homes, neighborhoods and school this summer. One started just across the street.

"It was about a mile away from my house," says third grader Justin Stalnaker.

Stalnaker saw those fires erupt just a few months ago.

Luckily the fire was stopped before it could threaten the school.

"It actually touched their houses and their lives and if not their lives, they knew someone that rode the bus with them or was a family friend that it did touch their lives," says third grade teacher Paige Getz.

Getz helped the third graders write letters to companies to get donations for the firefighters, and of course with the presentation itself.

"It was something really close to them and they'll remember the firefighters," says Getz.

Understanding now why these firefighters work so hard, most without pay.

"Because they are firefighters are put out fires and save people," says Ates.

"It'll bring tears to your eyes, it really will to see a kid run up to you," says Young.

With a simple, special, heart-felt thanks.

"Thank you for saving my life," says Stalnaker.

Students wrote letters to get food donated to the firefighters to thank them.

They enjoyed some at today's event and they got to take the rest home.

They also collected money for the Jackson Heights Volunteer Fire Department.


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