Jacksonville doctor talks alternatives to ADHD meds

Jacksonville doctor talks alternatives to ADHD meds

JACKSONVILLE (KYTX) - Doctors across the country are using alternatives to medication when treating ADHD patients.

A Jacksonville doctor is educating his community about those alternatives, which include ditching prescriptions for chiropractics.

"We were very skeptical because it's pushed on you a lot, medication, medication," says Jacksonville mom Dawn Clevenger.

Her 10-year-old daughter Carissa was diagnosed with ADHD in 2010 and was immediately put on 40 mg of Vyvanse a day.

"It's a controlled substance so I noticed a lot of spaciness," Cleverger says.

Jacksonville chiropractor and wellness doctor, Davy Rigsby agrees medication is appropriate for some ADHD patients, but most of the time, he doesn't think it's the answer.

"These chemicals have pretty serious side effects," Rigsby says.

He believes in research that shows ADD and ADHD are commonly caused by disturbances in the nervous system, which block communication to the brain.  He says they can be treated with chiropractics.

Dr. Rigsby uses unique tools to diagnose where in patients there is nerve disturbance so he knows exactly where to adjust them.   

He says Carissa's test results showed nerve disturbance, and a lot of nerve damage. Her mom says after two adjustments she was off her medicine.

" She gets to live life full and open and she can sit and do her homework for long periods of time now," Clevenger says.

Rigsby says your diet or your stress levels can contribute to ADHD. He suggests eating preservative-free foods, and managing stress as other alternatives to medication. 

Rigsby is holding a seminar Tuesday night at 6:30 at the Jacksonville Public Library. The seminar will go over alternatives to medication, and broaden awareness about ADHD and people who deal with it.


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