Jesse Ventura and 50 other senators agree to change NFL Washington Redskins name

NEW YORK (KYTX)- Ventura sides with the 50 Senators, Independents Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Angus King as well as the Democrats, who wrote to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to officially request the Washington franchise change its team name from the Redskins.

The request was quickly shot down by the league.

On his online-only show "Off The Grid" Jesse Ventura says Dan Snyder is "trying to buy the right to be racist" by giving money and clothing to Native American tribes and using his charity as a distraction from the real issue: the majority of Native Americans find the NFL team name racist and offensive."

"You couldn't do this to any other race," states Ventura on his online show. "Would the NFL ever allow the Alabama Slaves or the Chinese Launderers?"

"Native Americans make up less than 1 percent of the American population," said Ventura on his blog.

"If any other racial group spoke out and said ‘that's a racial slur against my people' the word would be known as racist and no one would ever say that word without expecting serious backlash. Take a look at what happened to Paula Deen if you don't believe me."

Jesse Ventura also states that "the Redskins name is creating a culture of racism" by teaching children who grow up watching football that it's okay to marginalize minorities.

"I've met many, many Native Americans. And guess what? Every single one of them has told me that Redskins is racist, it's offensive, and it's as derogatory as the N-word," stated Ventura, who protested with local Minnesota tribes at the Minneapolis Metrodome last winter.

"If the Native Americans feel that name is racist, who are we to say it's not?" said Ventura.


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