Jimmy's Fitness Journey: Week Five

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - With the first month of boot camp practically in the books, today my teammates and I received a special treat - a visit from the owner of Anytime Fitness gyms here in Longview.

Longview Anytime Fitness owner Bryan Bradford stressed to all of the contestants that this competition is only a small piece of a long journey ahead.

"That is just the first step in many steps to come."

Bradford spent more than an hour today watching us work out. He also encouraged me to find a better balance between my job and workout times.

"We understand that there's going to be peaks and there's going to be valleys along the road," Bradford said, "and we are here for the successes and also the times that they're going to be discouraged, to encourage them to see results at the end of the day."

Entering week five, there are six of us  remaining.

"We're helping these individuals create a new lifestyle and a new habit, and once we have achieved that with these individuals, we're going to go to the next step, and then to the next step," Bradford said. "And a year from now, this is going to be a part of their lifestyle."

I lost no weight last week -- so I remain at 19 pounds lost  -- far behind Joe Chase, who's lost more than 50 pounds. We've gained some extras -- like Kaylon Centers, who needed to lose about 30 pounds and get under 19 percent body fat to enter the U.S. Air force.

"My endeavor to lose weight was kinda going on before and I was just pulled into the competition," Centers said.

He's 10 pounds shy of his weight goal, but he's already met the body fat requirements. Kaylon credits the nutrition plan.

"I don't even call it a diet," Centers said. "I call it a new way of eating."

Bradford calls it a new way of living.

"When they go to their doctor for their annual physical, they're going to be very pleased with what the results are from that annual physical."

As we concluded today, Bryan asked us what our team name was. The coaches said, it was 100x, but the coaches found out that, between us on Facebook, we have decided to call ourselves Losers. We're not losers, but we are going to be losers.


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