Jimmy's Fitness Journey: Week Seven

Jimmy's Fitness Journey: Week Seven

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - In Week One of this competition, the trainers stressed to us contestants an anecdote: Abs are made 30 percent in the gym and 70 percent in the kitchen.

I take that to heart because Monday -- they worked our abs. They showed us a multitude of crunches and other exercises to get our stomach muscles in shape. But those of us following our meal plans correctly are seeing the best results on the scales.

"At this point, I am at 58 pounds." That's how much Joe Chase has lost in six weeks. Even though a cold kept him on the sidelines today, he leads the Longview biggest loser competition.

Trainers say Joe and his wife, Cheryl Chase, don't cheat on their meal plans.

"In the mornings, we're eating egg whites, we're eating ground hamburger meat," Chase said.

And as a Week 7 Update, I have lost two pounds more in the past week, give me a grand total of 27 pounds lost over the first six weeks of this competition.


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