Judges race in Smith County heats up

Judges race in Smith County heats up

Smith County (KYTX) -- The campaign trail for Justice of the Peace Pct. 3 is getting muddier. Both candidates are questioning whether the other is going by the book.

Challenger Noah Butler says his campaign manager posted some flyers at different mom-and-pop joints in Arp recently.

"After putting them up, the next day he came back there and to his surprise the signs were gone," Butler, the 23-year-old UT Tyler student, said. 

Butler isn't pointing the finger at his opponent. "It could've just been some guy passing by and ripped it down," Butler said.

And incumbent Judge James Meredith isn't taking the blame.

"I'll just say there's no truth to that at all," Meredith said. 

Butler's campaign says they were also caught by surprise at a restaurant on Monday night.

"There was a Meredith sign posted right outside of there the day before we had the meet-and- greet," Butler said.

Meredith had permission to have his sign there. "She did let me put one of my signs up. And the day of the meet-and-greet, I drove by and my sign was gone," Meredith said.

He says it was discovered later on the ground, and put back up. For his part, Meredith believes Butler's flyer isn't accurate.  He argues it leaves out the important word "for" to read "Noah Butler for JP Precinct 3."

That flyer was sent to the Texas Ethics Commission, and Meredith says he hasn't gotten word yet if it violates any codes.

Both campaigns agree they are looking for a cleaner race from here on out.


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