Jury Summons Scam

NACOGDOCHES CO. (KYTX)- The Nacogdoches County Sheriff Office has received complainants Friday evening of an attempted scam.

The actors appear to be targeting senior citizens in the community. Scam artist are telling people that they have a warrant for their arrest for not showing up to court for a jury summons.

The actors are identifying themselves as Police officers who work for the court system in Nacogdoches County and are threatening to arrest them if they do not pay.

They are then attempting to persuade citizens to get an electronic voucher and transfer money to them.

They are also telling people to stay away from the court house and not to pay there fine there.

We want to remind our citizens that Nacogdoches County does not conduct business in this manner.

Jury summons are mailed out and asked to be returned by mail with your information on it to serve as a potential juror. Any further correspondence done on jury summons is usually done through the mail.

If a person fails to comply with Jury Duty a fine may be imposed by the court. A person would be notified of this through the mail and given the proper location and office of where to pay the fine.

There are several different types of scams that people may use to try to convince you to send them money.

Always try to identify the number the person is calling from, along with an address of the business and the company information. Anyone asking for personal information such as your social security number, checking account number or other personal information you need to be cautious of.

Never give out your personal information over the phone or send money to anyone that you are unable to fully verify who they are working for and that you legitimately owe them money.


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