Kaufman County D.A. and wife remembered in small-town funeral

Kaufman County D.A. and wife remembered in small-town funeral

Nearly one week after being shot to death inside their own home by an unknown attacker, Mike and Cynthia McLelland were laid to rest following a small funeral in Mike's home town of Wortham, TX.

For the second day in a row, law enforcement from all over made sure the former Kaufman County district attorney and his wife were safe for their journey home. The small ceremony was in stark contrast to a large public memorial Thursday in Sunnyvale, south of Dallas.

Under a watchful guard the McLellands went from being at the center of the news to just being "mom and dad."

"We feel that because of the death of Mike and Cynthia, because of the things that have been going on that our stability and our strongholds slip away," a mourner said.

On Thursday Governor Rick Perry confirmed one possible lead in the high profile murder case that now encompasses the McLellands' shooting deaths and Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse's death in January.

"There was a report by the Department of Public Safety that said the greatest threat to Texans' safety were the drug cartels," Perry said. "Obviously that's part of the investigation, those individuals involved with that."

Investigators are asking people to call in tips--no matter how small. Billboards will be spread out across Texas to try and generate leads. It's a sign that investigators still haven't found the break needed to solve the murders.

With the investigation intensifying, district attorney Brandi Fernandez spoke publicly for the first time. She was picked to temporarily replace Mike McLelland.

She called adjusting to life under threat and around-the-clock protection "unnerving."

"It certainly puts a kink in your life, but I think necessary so we can still show up and get this job done," Fernandez said. "I think its just a necessary inconvenience."

Back in Wortham--and out of the spot light of a murder mystery--Mike and Cynthia got one last salute on their way home.

"It is only fitting that they departed this life together," a mourner said. "For neither one would be whole without the other. They dearly loved their children and grandchildren and the rest of their family."

Anyone with tips on the Kaufman County killings can contact the Kaufman County Crime Stoppers.

CNN's Ed Lavandera contributed to this story.


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