Kaufman County says 'no' to housing border children

KAUFMAN COUNTY (WFAA) - It's a first-of-its-kind resolution in North Texas: An entire county has refused to house the undocumented children who've crossed the border.

This was simply a symbolic vote; it doesn't carry any legal weight. But there are residents in Kaufman County who want lawmakers on Capitol Hill to know they don't want to roll out the welcome mat for the border kids.

Monday night the commissioners court approved a resolution to "protect the health, safety and security of the residents of Kaufman County."

County Judge Bruce Wood says it was passed in good faith, knowing that immigration is a two-sided issue. Some are calling this a humanitarian crisis, while others say we're fighting a battle we can't win.

And there are many concerns a wave of illegal minors in our neighborhoods could spell safety and health concerns.

"We're kind of caught in between. None of us want to be harmful to kids. That's not what we are about as a county, but on the other hand want to make sure that the children we have here and the citizens that we have living in our county are protected as well," Wood said.

He also says Kaufman County is very different from Dallas County, which is getting ready to temporarily shelter 2,000 kids as early as the end of next week.

Judge Wood adds that his county is much smaller -- about 110,000 people -- and it doesn't have the vacant buildings or resources necessary to house unaccompanied minors on an emergency basis.

Judge Wood also says no one with the federal government has even asked him about housing any kids.

But again, many residents agree that as much as many would like to help, this isn't the place to do so.

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