Keeping pets calm during fireworks

Keeping pets calm during fireworks

 TYLER (KYTX) - Fireworks are a 4th of July staple, but all of the loud noises they create can be frightening for our pets.

 "Oh yes, can you sit down? Oh, thank you. Good girl."

Layla is a calm, sweet Labrador- most of the time, but owner Jana Brown says her fear of loud noises began when she was just puppy.

"It was my fault. As a puppy, I took her to a 4th of July party. And, right when i got there, the people there lit off 1,000 black cats in the street. And, she was just a puppy and i didn't have her on a leash. She ran all the way off to my car like three blocks away. So, that's when i learned. And, ever since then, she shakes at loud noises."

Brown says Layla is getting older, and she worries about how she will handle all the noise this year.

 "I talked to my vet about it. And so, he gave me these pills for light sedation. It says to give her two, but i'm just going to start with one and see if she's still shaking and how it is."


Brown lives on Lake Palestine where she says fireworks are going to be inevitable the next few days.

"I guess the most important thing is just to keep her inside, keep her safe. And, when i take her outside, i'll put her on a leash to make sure she doesn't run away."

Brown encourages other pet owners to do the same.

"Know your dog. If you think that they're going to be scared, leave them at home."  


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