Keeping pets safe in the summer

Keeping pets safe in the summer

TYLER (KYTX)- Summer activities include going to the park and enjoying the outdoors. But you might want to think twice before bringing your dog out with you.

"Heat is our biggest concern and our dogs are enthusiastic, they like to run and play and they won't throttle themselves back so they will potentially run themselves and play themselves into a heat stroke," Veterinarian Dr. Paul Gainer said.

Dr. Gainer says leaving your furry friend in your car is one of the worst things you can do.

"So when we get into cars that are closed up, the temperature skyrockets about 2 degrees a minute and in a short period of time it will get over the animals survival time and they will become overheated very quickly and can die within minutes in a car," Dr. Gainer said.

For most dogs, it only takes about 10 minutes to overheat but animal lover Mary Brown seems to be the perfect example of a safe pet owner.

"Well we make sure that we have a bowl of water outside for when they go outside to go to the bathroom but mostly we keep them in the house," Brown said. "We have an awning that when they sit outside on the deck they're under the awning and we don't let them stay out for very long."

But it's not only hot cars that are dangerous, doctors say that asphalt can cause harm to your dog in just minutes so it is recommended to hold your hand on the ground for 7 seconds before putting your dog down to walk.

"Asphalts, because of our dark colored asphalts, they can reach 150 degrees even in the low nineties we can have hot asphalt which can cause buns to people walking their dogs," Dr. Gainer said.

Dr. Gainer's number one recommendation is to watch your dog as close as you watch your child.  


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