Keeping your family healthy through the holidays

TYLER (KYTX) - With cold weather comes flu season.

And more and more East Texans are turning up with colds, coughs and fevers.

Plenty of people are lining up to see a doctor, when we called the hospitals and clinics today, we were told the numbers are high.

So whether it's just "that time of year," or the flu, the cold weather certainly doesn't help.

Evan maybe laughing, but you can sure hear his stuffy nose.

His mom, Jessica Loghry, thinks the temperature swings have something to do with everyone getting sick.

"Extreme this year. 80 degrees one day to 30 the next. And they don't tolerate temperature changes. More susceptible to runny noses and ear infections," says Loghry.

Two things she's been battling with her boys, plus fever.

And she's tried the old stand-by's.

"Give a little extra vitamin--C, give them oranges," says Loghry.

But it's just not cutting it.

"Out shopping for Christmas, hearing people sneezing a little more, coughing a little more, so people are sicker right now. It's that time of year," says George Roberts, the CEO of NETHealth.

Roberts says the real reason people are getting sick is cold weather forces people inside, exposing each other to germs.

That's especially a problem with holiday parties this time of year.

And the best ways to stay healthy are simple.

"Frequent hand washing during this time is great," says Roberts.

So if you know you're going out in the cold, especially with the kids, make sure you put on layers.

From a scarf, your jacket, grab some gloves to keep your hands warm, all before you walk out the door, so you're ready for the elements outside.

"Seems the flu patter this year is more intense than it has been in the last couple years," says Roberts.

And the sooner you get your flu shot the better.

It takes 2 weeks to take effect.

And just ride out the weather, for now, avoiding germs as much as possible.

"Keeping them inside, which they hate. But I can control the temperature inside," says Loghry.

So for now, lots of people will be adding in extra vitamins, drinking hot tea and hoping the weather stays consistent, whatever that might be.

Another reason people are getting sick: the stress of the holidays can weaken the body's immune system.


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