Keeping your pets cool this summer

Keeping your pets cool this summer

Tyler (KYTX) -- Temperatures may near triple digits by the end of this week, and that kind of heat and your pets don't mix well.

Just like us, dogs need exercise and they can only take so much heat.

"If you can take them walking early in the morning or late in the afternoon, that can help. Be real careful with dogs that have a short nose like your pugs or your bulldogs," Judy Gregg, a trainer at Petsmart, said.

Pet experts say to keep walks gentle. You'll be able to tell if your dog has a heat stroke if they become non-responsive and start vomiting. In that case, take them straight to your vet.

For outdoor pets, make sure to check their water bowl every 4 hours and consider adding ice cubes.

"A lot of those bowls get warm sitting in the sunlight and even in the shade they'll increase in temperature, and the dogs won't drink the water if it's hot," Gregg said.

Gregg also says it's too dangerous to leave your pet inside the car for any amount of time without air.

And believe it or not-- that coat of fur on them is protection.

"It keeps them cool, it also keeps the sun out," Gregg said.

Groomers recommend not shaving your pet down completely.

"Because a lot of your dogs have pink skin, they can burn very easy. What we recommend is doing a blade longer," Dee Parsons, a Petsmart stylist, said.


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