Kilgore mother believes son is being bullied, says school isn't doing enough to stop it

Kilgore mother believes son is being bullied, says school isn't doing enough to stop it

KILGORE (KYTX) - An East Texas mother says her son is being bullied at school, and now, it's turning physical.

"Last year, he was begging me to homeschool him or take him to another school," said the mother.

This mother, who we'll call "Jane", says her son, who is almost a teenager, has been bullied most of his life.

She says he's small compared to other children his age.

"He's been called gay, he's been called ugly names...he's been called a sissy," said Jane.

Tuesday, Jane says her son came home with a letter that said he had received a "head injury" while at school.

She says, she wonders, why she found out about this only through a letter.

"The school had not called me. Nobody was at the school at that time. So, I called the next morning and the man I spoke with not only knew nothing of the incident, he didn't know who (my son) was," explained Jane. 

Jane says she's still waiting on a call from the school.

Her son wrote a letter, telling us, what happened in his own words. He says, he was sitting on a bench in the locker room, when someone shoved him into a locker.

He says, he told someone what happened.

He says, the next day, a coach spoke with him and said there was nothing he could do and he needed to be observant of who's around him.

"If someone was to tell that to me. I would take it as they're saying watch your back. You don't tell my son to watch your back, you help him," said Jane. 

Kilgore ISD Superintendent Cara Cooke sent us a statement in regards to the incident:

"Kilgore ISD takes bullying very seriously. We have created a District Anti-Bullying Toolkit that we use to address ANY potential bullying or harassment cases. The Incident in question was investigated and the student interviewed by Kilgore Middle School Administration to determine if bullying or harassment were a part of the incident. No indications of bullying were found after a thorough investigation. We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the learning environment is safe for all students. If at any point an incident indicates bullying is a possibility, our administrators will immediately respond by following the guidelines our district has set forth for conducting an investigation."

In a meeting today, Jane says her son did tell school administrators he had not been bullied.

But, she says, sometimes her son denies being bullied, saying it was an accident or he was playing around, because he's scared of being retaliated against.

"He doesn't fight back, he doesn't want to fight back. He wants to make friends, so he'll cover for them," said Jane.

October is bullying prevention awareness month.

According to Kilgore ISD's website, students at each campus have been discussing ways to prevent and stop bullying.



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