Kilgore Passes Smoking Ban

By Wilton Johnson

Wendy LeRoy specifically moved her pool hall and bar to Kilgore six years ago.

"I ran a business in Longview for 10 years and we weren't allowed to run business the way we wanted, the city was involved in everything we done," LeRoy remembered.

She was shocked when I told her city council passed a smoking ban.

"I am surprised the city stepped in and enforced that on us or on other people, apparently doesn't affect me," she said.

The new ban doesn't, nor any other business owner who gets 51% or more revenue from alcohol sales. They are the lone exemption.

"We're not doing smoking ordinance to put people out of business. If you go to a restaurant you can take children in there and have a smoke free environment to enjoy your meal," said Mayor Joe Parker. He says the ban also includes 30 feet from the doorway of a public place, so no more 'just going outside'. If you do, you have to answer to the establishment.

"The enforcement will be up to the owners or managers. If they have problems with a smoker who will not put it out, they can call police to help 'em enforce it," Parker continued.

Which will likely be a $50 to $250 dollar fine, depending on the judge.

LeRoy is thankful for the exemption and thinks there might be more to gain down the road.

"There's a couple restaurants around me that serve alcohol. I have customers that frequent those and here, so I think now if that choice is eliminated it'll benefit me alot."


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