Kilgore Street Improvements

The streets of Kilgore  will soon be getting improvements, increase their life span, without a huge price tag.

"The longer we can go without rebuilding a road, the more money we can save for bigger projects." -Public Works Director, Seth Sorenson

Kilgore Public Works Director, Seth Sorenson, says improving the city's roads is his top priority and hopes to make sure the good roads in Kilgore remain in good condition.

"The goal is to extend the life of good pavement it's intended to keep good roads good" - Sorenson

"The idea is to take the oils lost overtime on streets like these and put them back on streets like this" - Kevin Boyce, Standup

"That makes it more pliant, and more flexible pavement. And the oils will be put in to keep it flexible. And gives us another 5-6 years of good pavement life." - Sorenson

The streets selected for the rejuvenation project are Whipporwill, Woodbine, Sweetgum, Birch, Peach, Leach, Chandler, East North Street, and Laird.

The maintenance will begin as early as next week .. And it won't come without a few headaches.

People won't be allowed to park on the streets and that's a problem for Celia Mooney's husband.

""My husband comes home everyday and parks in the street. That's the only place he has to park"

They'll have to make other plans.

But Mooney says it's worth the savings.

This will cost the city just a dollar and ten cents a square yard,  replacing the pavement would cost over 8 dollars a square yard.

The final price tag is 50  thousand dollars.

Saving the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In Kilgore, Gregg County, I'm Kevin Boyce, KYTX CBS 19 News.


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