Kimbleys back in court for "permanency hearing" today

A so-called "permanency hearing" was convened Thursday in Smith County Family Court to address the future living arrangements for the five living children of David and Sabrina Kimbley.

The Kimbleys have been under scrutiny since August of 2012, when 2-year-old Jake Kimbley was found dead in a septic tank on the family's property. His death remains under investigation as a potential capital murder. Court documents have revealed that the Kimbley parents are suspects in that investigation. The Kimbley parents were separately charged with child endangerment based on living conditions for Jake's five living siblings at the Kimbley home. They pleaded guilty in May and were sentenced to four years each in a state jail facility.

That sentencing occurred alongside the termination of the Kimbleys' parental rights. Therefore, for the first time, the Kimbleys were not present for the entirety of the hearing.

The hearing focused primarily on the oldest child, who is biologically Sabrina's but not David's.

The attorney representing that child said he has been "able to be a kid again," now that he's been preliminarily placed with his biological father out of state. A therapist who had previously treated that child agreed that the situation was an improvement.

The state recently separated that child's case from the case involving the other four children, reflecting the discrepancy in progress on finding final placement for him and the progress that's been made on the other four children, who remain in foster care.

The other four children will be discussed in a future hearing.


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